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Plain Rice Pilaf

In “Vol. II Treasured Recipes–from the Kitchens of Members and Friends of the Hayward Women’s Golf Club,” Marge Gogian suggested that the shish kebab grilled by George the Turk should be served with rice pilaf. She did not give a … Continue reading

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Aunt Lil’s Tuna Casserole—A Quilling Family Recipe

In 1934, Campbell’s Soup Company introduced Cream of Mushroom and Chicken Noodle soups to the American consumer. Today, these two products still rank in the top ten shelf-stable food items sold in grocery stores. It’s easy to understand why these … Continue reading

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Rhonda’s Rice and Broccoli Casserole

This is a recipe from Kansas, a statement which you might want to interpret as a gourmet alert. The ingredients include Velveeta. But though I hate to admit it, in spite of that this recipe makes a delicious side dish. … Continue reading

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Shrimp Etouffée

I was introduced to Creole cooking on my first visit to New Orleans many years ago. I ate barbecue shrimp, jambalya, gumbo and shrimp etouffée. The only dish with which I was vaguely familiar was jambalaya, and that was because … Continue reading

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Mike’s Little Chickens

The story begins many years ago when my mother called her youngest daughter to ask a favor. Pam and her husband, Mike, lived a few miles north of Chicago where Mike was a chemist for a major corporation. “Pammy, could … Continue reading

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Jalapeño Beef Stir Fry

A few years ago when I was out for a walk, a neighbor offered me some habanero peppers. I knew they were hot peppers, and since I like my chili spicy I brought home a bag of the little red … Continue reading

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Country Captain

Every spring the mailman delivered at least a hundred baby chickens to the Rang household. Mom had cardboard boxes ready for the chicks lined with newspaper, furnished with water and food trays and equipped with shielded lightbulbs to keep the … Continue reading

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