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Dale’s Cousin’s Chicken and Olive Casserole

After the memorial service for Dale’s mother, the family gathered at the house to visit, exchange news and memories and console one another. Neighbors and family members brought food to share. One of Dale’s cousins appeared with a hot dish … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Beef and Brussels Sprouts

I can’t remember not liking Brussels sprouts, though I may have suppressed the memory of battles at the table with my mother and father. Since Brussels sprouts are closely related to cabbage I probably liked them from the first taste. … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Egg Noodles

Want a really easy way to impress guests with your skill in the kitchen?  Serve them homemade noodles in beef, chicken or turkey soup.  Jerri has been wowing me with her noodle-making ability for nearly five decades.   Once she … Continue reading

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Patsy’s Chicken Soup

My sister makes a wonderful chicken soup that you should include on your menu during cold weather.  It is a perfect example of how to make a soup.  When she sent me the recipe, she noted the following:  “I really … Continue reading

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