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Turkey Wild Rice Soup

A long, long time ago, shortly after cooking pots came into use, a man was sitting in front of his cave watching his mate boil bones to flavor the seeds she planned to cook for the evening meal. As the … Continue reading

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Easy Leftover Turkey Curry

“Someone defined eternity as a ham and two people.” So wrote Irma Rombauer in Joy of Cooking. If you have cooked a whole ham and struggled to find ways to use the pounds of good meat and succulent bones, you … Continue reading

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Scrambled Eggs Supreme

Here is a hearty breakfast or brunch dish that is often found on restaurant menus in northern Wisconsin. It’s called a skillet breakfast when the scrambled eggs are accompanied with fried or hash brown potatoes. When a side order of … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Leftover Turkey A la King

After we became empty nesters, a problem we never had when the kids were living at home rose to prominence. Even two people with excellent appetites and reasonably good memories can forget how many packages of leftover turkey they tucked … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Turkey Tetrazzini

We always have roast turkey for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and that means we always have leftover turkey. After the last guest is gone and the house is quiet, I cut the meat from the turkey carcass while Jerri … Continue reading

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Dough Potatoes

My father was 17 years old when the stock market crashed in October of 1929.  He told me that Grandpa Rang lost all the money he had saved from twenty years of farming except for the last couple of milk … Continue reading

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Garlic Toast

My mother and father grew up in the Great Depression.  From it they learned not to waste anything.  Dad reused lumber and other building materials, repaired tools and saved everything he thought he might be able to use sometime.  Mom … Continue reading

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