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Almost Fat-free Calabacitas

Our niece Susie brought one of her favorite cookbooks to a family gathering in Kansas earlier this summer. When she handed me Jane Marsh Dieckmann’s Use it All: The Leftovers Cook Book, I grabbed it like a hungry trout after … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Hush Puppies

“Heh, heh, heh!” snickered Jerri as she began reeling in her ninth bass. I just reached for the landing net. Things had started off well for my wife: On her first cast of the day she hooked and brought a … Continue reading

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Rhonda’s Rice and Broccoli Casserole

This is a recipe from Kansas, a statement which you might want to interpret as a gourmet alert. The ingredients include Velveeta. But though I hate to admit it, in spite of that this recipe makes a delicious side dish. … Continue reading

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Smoke Stack’s Cheesy Corn Bake

When gasoline was twenty-five cents a gallon and our family Plymouth got over twenty miles per gallon, summer drives were an inexpensive way to make weekends special. Sometimes we drove to a lake with Dad’s canoe on top of the … Continue reading

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Hilda’s Never Fail Dumplings

Have you ever seen the bones in your toes wriggling inside your shoes? If you have, it was probably because your local shoe store had an X-Ray Shoe Fitter manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shoe-fitting fluoroscopes, like the Internet, personal computers, … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Green Pea Salad

Lady Plumberton and her husband were on a voyage to the United States when she suffered an attack of nausea. Accordingly, she visited the ship’s physician who suggested that it was probably a mild attack of seasickness and gave her … Continue reading

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Dan’s Wild Rice Dressing

Our friend Dan is a gourmet cook. While I don’t aspire to such heights, I can follow a gourmet recipe if I have to. While Dan and I were talking food and politics one day, he asked for a piece … Continue reading

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Gina’s Quesadillas

If you think quesadillas are Mexican, you’re half right. Traditional quesadillas consist of corn tortillas folded over cheese to make half-moon-shaped turnovers that are cooked on a comal or griddle until the tortilla is done and the cheese melted. Maize, … Continue reading

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Sara’s Noodle Pudding

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the first recorded use of the term “comfort food” was in 1977. Comfort food is defined as “food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any with a high sugar or other carbohydrate content … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Turkey Dressing

As I may have mentioned before, we always have roast turkey for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The day before the big day, Jerri bakes the pumpkin pie, makes the cranberry sauce and prepares the ingredients for the turkey dressing. … Continue reading

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