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Vegetarian Burritos Deliciosos

The first time I tried hot and sour soup, I was a student at the University of Wisconsin. When I asked what the floppy white stuff in the bowl was, my date told me it was tofu. Having grown up … Continue reading

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Lorrie’s Burritos Deliciosos

Last year Lorrie agreed to share some of the recipes she cooks for her family. I have already posted her Baked Oatmeal and Roosevelt Beans recipes. A day or two later she sent me her recipe for Burritos Deliciosos. Here … Continue reading

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My Really Simple Italian Meat Sauce

On a rainy summer day or a cold winter afternoon I sometimes get the urge to make my marinara sauce. It’s best made with fresh tomatoes and needs to simmer slowly for a couple of hours to let the flavors … Continue reading

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Aunt Dorothy’s Cabbage Hotdish

Before my mother met and married my father, she played guitar and sang with her brother Basil (nicknamed Blackie) in a small band that played at taverns and supper clubs around Hayward in the late 1930’s and early 40’s. When … Continue reading

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Grandma Hopp’s Meatloaf

In the spring of 1951 I got a bicycle for my eighth birthday. It was a red Schwinn bike that had belonged to my Uncle Bill, my mother’s youngest brother. I admired him immensely. He was a soldier serving at … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

When you have a vegetarian for a grandson, it’s important to have a few dishes that a vegetarian will enjoy. I like vegetables, but I think of them as side dishes, or as I tell Will, our grandson, “I love … Continue reading

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Hot Beef Sandwiches

Two or three times a year my family went on a shopping trip. Hayward, Wisconsin had a good assortment of retail businesses, but like most families living in the wilds of northern Wisconsin, we also ordered things from Sears and … Continue reading

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Oven-barbecued Country Ribs

Sometime in the late 1950’s our family acquired its first charcoal grill. Before then we had cooked over open fires, mostly on the shores of lakes near Hayward. The meat was skin-on wieners from one of the local butcher shops … Continue reading

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Corn and Cheese Chowder

Chowders are basically thickened soups. They are similar to stews but often are thickened with cream, biscuits or crackers. This recipe uses cream and flour to thicken the broth, but the addition of corn and cheese puts it definitely in … Continue reading

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Easy Glazed Pork Steak

When I find something on sale at the supermarket, I am tempted. A couple of weeks ago, the meat manager had put some packages of pork steak into the discount bin. I brought a package home, found a recipe for … Continue reading

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