An Oriental Snack Mix Kit

A couple of years ago, Jerri and I agreed that it was time to begin downsizing our household, so we select things to take to the barn at the Heritage Center where they will find a new owner. For us, downsizing means not giving each other Christmas gifts that, while they may be nice, are…
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Jazzed Up Pizza

Baby Sitting And Jazzed Up Pizza

Everything was wonderful until 8:30 PM. Jerri and I jazzed up a frozen pizza, played with our baby grandson, changed a couple of wet diapers and all three of us had lots of fun. Our grandson started crawling ten days ago, and his progress has been remarkable. He can already climb the step up from…
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Leftover Turkey Wraps

After the Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey dinner is over and family or friends have gone home, Jerri and I attack the turkey carcass. We slice off as much meat as we can , dismember the skeleton and put the bones in a soup kettle. We add enough water to cover the bones and simmer them…
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Bread Butter & Sour Cherry Jam

Sour Cherry Jam

One bright summer morning a few years ago when I was shopping at the Farmers Market in Cable, Wisconsin, a small carton of bright red cherries caught my eye. “Pie cherries?” I asked. “You bet,” said the young woman sitting behind her table, “I have one tree, but it gave us a lot of cherries…
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Applesauce Cookies

’Twas the week before Christmas, and there was at least one young boy in Hayward, Wisconsin, who was worried sick. The ground was bare, which meant that Santa Claus and I had serious problems. As I recall, mine seemed more important than Santa’s: How could he leave me any presents if he couldn’t land anywhere…
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