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Born in Ashland, Wisconsin, grew up near Hayward, lives in New Richmond, messing around in kitchens more than 60 years.

Grandma Hopp’s Never Fail Doughnuts

Many years ago we used to drive from Murray, Kentucky to Hayward, Wisconsin in one day. Eight hundred miles may not seem so far today, but in the 1970’s three hundred of those miles were on two-lane highways that went … Continue reading

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Hot and Sour Soup

Like many other people who live in northern Wisconsin, I have friends who think ketchup is a little spicy and that anything not pure white probably has too much black pepper in it. My parents were not that provincial in … Continue reading

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Mom’s No-Knead Rolls

On a sheet of unlined 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch paper from the kind of tablet Mom bought for writing letters is her recipe for No-Knead Rolls. It’s one of a hundred or more recipes jammed into a recipe … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Burritos Deliciosos

The first time I tried hot and sour soup, I was a student at the University of Wisconsin. When I asked what the floppy white stuff in the bowl was, my date told me it was tofu. Having grown up … Continue reading

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Pammy’s Peanut Butter Roundup Cookies

When my youngest sister, Pammy, was born, the doctors at the Hayward Memorial Hospital discovered that she had a heart defect. I was fourteen years old, and I remember being told that my new sister had a hole and a … Continue reading

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Lorrie’s Burritos Deliciosos

Last year Lorrie agreed to share some of the recipes she cooks for her family. I have already posted her Baked Oatmeal and Roosevelt Beans recipes. A day or two later she sent me her recipe for Burritos Deliciosos. Here … Continue reading

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Aunt Dorothy’s Ginger Snaps

The last time we visited my Aunt Dorothy at her home east of Hayward, she poured us cups of coffee and set out a plate of Christmas cookies. Prominent among them were soft ginger snaps. Many people like cookies that … Continue reading

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My Really Simple Italian Meat Sauce

On a rainy summer day or a cold winter afternoon I sometimes get the urge to make my marinara sauce. It’s best made with fresh tomatoes and needs to simmer slowly for a couple of hours to let the flavors … Continue reading

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Honey Rye Bread

For many years Jerri has occasionally added some rye flour to her basic white bread. It makes a flavorful variation on an excellent white bread. When she adds enough rye flour, the bread takes on a grayish cast, and so … Continue reading

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Aunt Dorothy’s Cabbage Hotdish

Before my mother met and married my father, she played guitar and sang with her brother Basil (nicknamed Blackie) in a small band that played at taverns and supper clubs around Hayward in the late 1930’s and early 40’s. When … Continue reading

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