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Born in Ashland, Wisconsin, grew up near Hayward, lives in New Richmond, messing around in kitchens more than 60 years.

Egg Drop Soup

When Eiersuppe was on the menu at the Aaseehauskolleg, the Studentenheim or dormitory where I lived at the university in Münster, Germany, nobody turned it down. Eiersuppe–in English, Egg Drop Soup–is a comfort food that warms the soul as well … Continue reading

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Mrs. Elwick’s Oatmeal Cake

“How do they come up with these names?” I asked myself as I was going through one of my mother’s recipe boxes. On a yellowed sheet of six by eight-inch letter paper, the kind you used to get in pads … Continue reading

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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

This is the kind of macaroni and cheese that my mother made with a creamy cheese sauce. She started by making a white sauce, that wonderful French “mother sauce” named after the Marquis de Béchemel. I never heard her say … Continue reading

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Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca pudding was a treat that we had only once a month or so when I was growing up. The entire family loved the stuff, so I don’t know why we didn’t have it more often. My guess is that … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Green Pea Salad

Lady Plumberton and her husband were on a voyage to the United States when she suffered an attack of nausea. Accordingly, she visited the ship’s physician who suggested that it was probably a mild attack of seasickness and gave her … Continue reading

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Mike’s Little Chickens

The story begins many years ago when my mother called her youngest daughter to ask a favor. Pam and her husband, Mike, lived a few miles north of Chicago where Mike was a chemist for a major corporation. “Pammy, could … Continue reading

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Baked Custard

My parents, like many others, survived the Great Depression by buying only what they really needed, wasting as little as possible and stretching the little money they had as far as they possibly could. Men saved nails and screws from … Continue reading

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Yogurt Bread

“I don’t feel so bad throwing something away after it has spoiled,” explained Grandma Krehbiel as she was putting small amounts of leftovers into the refrigerator. Not enough for even one child’s serving, perhaps a single tablespoon of gravy or … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Yorkshire Chicken

This is another recipe Jerri found in the Better Homes and Gardens Meat Cookbook long ago when we lived in Kentucky. My mother and father would have loved it, and I sure do. The name is a play upon Yorkshire … Continue reading

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Mennonite Waffles

Making waffles is a pretty straightforward business, assuming that you have a waffle iron and follow the recipe below. However, you should observe two common-sense rules when you make them. RULE #1: Don’t put your hand into a hot waffle … Continue reading

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