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Born in Ashland, Wisconsin, grew up near Hayward, lives in New Richmond, messing around in kitchens more than 60 years.

Almost Fat-free Calabacitas

Our niece Susie brought one of her favorite cookbooks to a family gathering in Kansas earlier this summer. When she handed me Jane Marsh Dieckmann’s Use it All: The Leftovers Cook Book, I grabbed it like a hungry trout after … Continue reading

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The Turk’s Cheese Börek

When Marge Gogian died on February 26, 2013, seventy-nine years of history died with her. The daughter of George, “The Turk,” and Isabelle, “Ma,” Gogian, Marge kept serving guests at The Turk’s Inn until shortly before her death. Her mother … Continue reading

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Italian Sausage and Cheese Dip

I have not fallen in love with Velveeta, but the stuff does have its uses. One is a version of that old favorite, cheese and sausage dip, introduced to Jerri and me by our neighbors, Jill and Lonnie. This version … Continue reading

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Vicki’s Grandmother’s Rhubarb Cake

“You can make anything you want. Just make sure that it gets eaten,” said Jerri when I volunteered to take over most of the cooking after my retirement. Though I have been forced into surreptitious trips to the compost heap … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Hush Puppies

“Heh, heh, heh!” snickered Jerri as she began reeling in her ninth bass. I just reached for the landing net. Things had started off well for my wife: On her first cast of the day she hooked and brought a … Continue reading

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Carol’s Pumpkin Crack

The wife of one of Jerri’s nephews brought crack to the family feast we shared recently. At least, that’s what she said it was when I asked. It turned out to be a moist pudding-type cake loaded with flavor. Here … Continue reading

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Phyllis’s Bar-B-Que Burgers

It was a typical summer day in southern Kansas—hot and dry and windy. Jerri’s oldest brother and his wife live a couple of miles west of a small city with a beautiful view of the Gyp Hills. On that day, … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Popovers

If you follow the recipe for “Perfect Popovers”, you’ll be known as the never-fail popover baker in your family or even in the neighborhood. But since popovers are just hollow muffins, it is almost inevitable that someone is going to … Continue reading

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Rhonda’s Rice and Broccoli Casserole

This is a recipe from Kansas, a statement which you might want to interpret as a gourmet alert. The ingredients include Velveeta. But though I hate to admit it, in spite of that this recipe makes a delicious side dish. … Continue reading

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Shrimp Etouffée

I was introduced to Creole cooking on my first visit to New Orleans many years ago. I ate barbecue shrimp, jambalya, gumbo and shrimp etouffée. The only dish with which I was vaguely familiar was jambalaya, and that was because … Continue reading

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