Chris’s Fiery Texas Chili

Every hunting camp needs a cook, if only to provide an opportunity for a really great hunting story. My father’s favorite camp cook story involved the hunter who drew the short straw on the night before opening day and thus was occupied doing the breakfast dishes when a big buck walked past the window. Dropping…
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Cottage Cheese Salads

Growing up in Wisconsin, I learned to appreciate good cheese before I started school. Grandpa Hopp introduced me to Beer Käse and Limburger and my mother served us Cheddar, Swiss, Brick, Butterkäse and cottage cheese varieties. My father did not like cheese, but he ate a little under protest and finally came to enjoy pizza…
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Egg Foo Young

Easy Egg Foo Young

It is not that many years ago, so my meeting with the diabetes dietician at our local medical clinic is still very sharp in my memory. I had done some research into foods low in carbohydrates after my doctor told me that I had type-2 diabetes, so I was prepared for the dietician. She began…
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Aunt Ruth’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly been reminded or something you hadn’t thought about in many years? In his novel, In Search of Lost Time, Marcel Proust tells how the narrator is transported back to his childhood by the scent and taste of a Madeleine. If a little cake can take a…
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Vegetarian Corn Quesadillas

When the Laurentide Glacier retreated from northern Wisconsin about 10,000 years ago, it left behind the landscape we know today. At first the only plants were lichens, mosses and low shrubs now found much further north of us in the tundra regions of Canada. In the next few thousand years, larger trees appeared until Wisconsin…
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