“Never trust a skinny cook!”  I remember seeing this bit of wisdom every time I walked into my mother’s kitchen, and like her I took it to heart.  If you should see a rotund guy with a beard walking down the street, you may be looking at me on the way to the grocery.

I have been cooking since I was old enough to hold a spoon.  My teachers have been my mother, my wife, my sisters and friends who are still trying to make me into a real cook.  I like to read recipes and experiment in the kitchen, and though the results have occasionally been disastrous (sherried squash and walnuts with maple syrup comes to mind), I think that I have learned from most of my mistakes.

I would like to share some of my recipes.  A few worked out the first time, but many did not.  Julia Child once said, “Never apologize.”   Though not recorded, she may well have added, “You can always throw it out and start over.”   It takes courage to keep going in life…..and in the kitchen.

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