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Oxtail Soup–A Peasant Recipe Goes Gourmet

Time was when oxtails were cheap.  In fact, if you bought some hamburger and a pot roast from one of the butchers in Hayward where I grew up, he would often give you an oxtail free if you asked for … Continue reading

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Joann’s Turkey Gravy

It was the best turkey gravy I can remember, even better than Mom’s. For many years we have been going to the annual Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church near Clayton, Wisconsin.  The church is a jewel set among … Continue reading

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Country Captain

Every spring the mailman delivered at least a hundred baby chickens to the Rang household. Mom had cardboard boxes ready for the chicks lined with newspaper, furnished with water and food trays and equipped with shielded lightbulbs to keep the … Continue reading

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