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Julia Child’s French Onion Soup

Last week a friend asked me what he could do with yellow onions.  “Make onion soup!” I answered. He asked me if I had a good recipe I could share with him and his daughter who had gotten a 50 … Continue reading

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Perfect Popovers

In a certain sense, making popovers is a test of faith: You put the batter-filled pan in the oven and pray that the popovers will do their thing in the next 40 minutes.    I have been making these scrumptious … Continue reading

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Jerri’s Cranberry Crumb Coffee Cake

Jerri found this recipe many years ago when we were living in Kentucky.  It has just the right amount of sweetness to balance the tartness of the cranberries.  It’s great for breakfast or dessert and is the perfect addition to … Continue reading

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Cranberry Apple Pie

Quaking bogs can be treacherous places.  When my father introduced me to my first quaking bog, I followed instructions carefully and returned from that expedition without any good stories except that I made the bog bounce up and down by … Continue reading

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Cranberry Raspberry Jam

Wild raspberry jam is one of our favorites.  Most years we have picked enough to make two or three  batches plus plenty of fresh berries to top ice cream on hot days. But when summer rains fail to arrive on … Continue reading

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