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Raised Buckwheat Pancakes

We had pancakes for breakfast at least twice a week when I was growing up.  Mom could make pancakes in less time than it took for us kids to get dressed for school–and usually we wanted to go.  She would … Continue reading

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Root Soup

When someone once asked James Beard why there were no soup recipes in one of his cookbooks, he is said to have replied:  “Recipes for soup?  You look in the refrigerator, and then you make soup.”  Actually, James Beard did … Continue reading

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Hapanleipä–Sour Rye Bread from Finland

For several years I was the district exchange officer for Finland in the 5950-5960 Rotary Exchange Program.  Once a year my wife and I would invite all Finnish students in our two districts to spend a weekend with us.  There … Continue reading

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