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Like Pat’s Caponata

Eggplants did not darken my mother’s kitchen.  Like her friends she believed that they were poisonous fruits related to deadly nightshade that would kill you “before you could say Jack Robinson.”  By the time I was in the eighth grade … Continue reading

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Esther’s Warmer Salat

When Jerri’s Mennonite ancestors came to the the United States, they brought with them recipes that reflect the history of their search for religious freedom as they moved from the coast of the North Sea to the steppes of Russia.  … Continue reading

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Toni’s Fried Okra

As I was buying okra at the farmer’s market in New Richmond last Saturday, someone asked me, “What do you do with it?”  I said that we liked to fry it.  A bystander asked, “But isn’t it slimy?”  The answer … Continue reading

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