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Dowjic–A Soup For All Seasons

I was supposed to be getting directions to The History Theatre in St. Paul.  However, a link on the theatre web site to nearby restaurants caught my eye, and suddenly I was reading about “a great and mighty Kurdish tribe … Continue reading

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Onions on the Grill

Late July but it’s 45 degrees and raining.  It feels like snow is on the way.  Even the bears have taken cover.  We are huddling around a fire in front of a primitive cabin on an island in the Gulf … Continue reading

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Blue Steaks

Whoever first had the idea of combining blue cheese with chopped beef must be memorialized in a museum of culinary arts somewhere.  If not, he or she should be.  The combination is wonderful.  I first had this steak at a … Continue reading

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Grandma Rang’s Apple Cream Pie

In the winter our basement smelled of apples.  Every fall we would head to Bayfield to buy them:  Eating apples, pie apples, apples for sauce, crabapples for pickling and those we called “keeping apples.”  Those were the apples that perfumed … Continue reading

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